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Quantitative Center

Our quantitative research center is focused on learning about consumer opinions on a diverse array of products and services that are offered to them in the market. We utilize a careful interviewee selection process, using probability sampling and face-to-face surveys with pre-codified answers. This allows us to estimate the characteristics of the population under study.We have highly qualified quantitative analysts in order to be able to attend any client of any industry (economists, statisticians and professionals with Ph.D.’s in diverse areas).


Quantitative Center:

  • Leading edge technology in every process.
  • Digital interviewing (all the surveys are programmed and captured in digital form via PDA’s).
  • Use of the most sophisticated statistical programs.
  • Sample configuration process that is adjusted to each type of demand.
  • Perfect combination between theory and experience.
  • Use of the appropriate analysis for the project in question (T-Test, Chi-Square, ANOVA, Regression, Factorial Analysis, Group Analysis, or simply Frequencies).
  • The delivery of reports and data in the required time and the desired format.